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40 Years

Since 1984, Karyby is making history in the brazilian footwear market, standing out with quality products and designs.

Private Label

Karyby is a strategic partner, developing and producing quality footwear for private brand stores and retail chains.


Karyby has its own collection of women's shoes, sold by retail chains in different regions of Brazil.


To execute the client's idea, we offer a trend research department and a design studio to create exclusive collections.

Quality, comfort and fashion,
together in a shoe.

Private Label

We develop and produce different types of women's shoes for large private brand stores and retail chains.

Karyby is a strategic partner of the main national footwear brands, providing its operational structure and expertise for the production of high-quality footwear.

You focus your efforts on creating and marketing products and we take care of production for you. We take care of operational costs to increase your profitability. We develop everything according to your market positioning and brand alignment. We guarantee the quality of the shoes produced.


We also have our own collection, developing women's footwear models that follow current fashion trends, combining quality, design and competitive prices.

The Karyby collection is present on the shelves of large retail chains in different regions of Brazil.


To execute the client's idea, Karyby provides a sector dedicated to researching fashion trends and creating collections, allowing the products developed to always be in line with the latest developments on the market, adding value and a competitive edge to brands.

The research sector also has its own design studio, ensuring that the collections are not only modern, but also visually attractive and aligned with the concepts and commercial strategies established by each partner brand.

About Karyby

Founded in 1984 by Valdir Jung, Karyby began as a service provider in the prefabricated sector, consolidating itself in the 90s as one of the largest and most qualified ateliers in the region.

At the beginning of this millennium, with major changes in the domestic and export markets, the company began manufacturing its own shoes, as the almost artisanal work of prefabricated products no longer had the same value.

Currently the company is run by brothers Ronan Jung and Abigdail Jung and has a production capacity that is continually expanding.

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Karyby maintains constant investments in professional qualification, technology and the modernization of its manufacturing structure. It is an ABVTEX certified company, works exclusively with LWG leathers, has Renewable Energy Certificate and follows good sustainability practices.

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